TV Specials

Challenging Churchill

In over two thousand hours of work, atmospheric animatics were created to recall key moments of the time when Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin changed the fate of Europe.

Nagano’s Songs

With this film, VIDICOM takes the visualization of music to a new level with Kent Nagano.

The Real Abraham Lincoln

The docu-drama tells the fateful encounter between America’s most famous icon Abraham Lincoln and the well-known actor John Wilkes Booth, who became his murderer.

Deep Wreck Mysteries: Stealth Sub

U480 isn’t a usual submarine and this film about the secret of U480 will even surprise many experts.

Death at Dawn

On the 10th of June 1918, soon after putting to sea for its very first mission, the Austrian dreadnought SZENT ISTVAN was to meet her fate.

Avalanche Angels

We report on special dogs, trained to save lives and their handlers, who often risk their own lives.