Why seek far afield when the good is close by? To adapt Goethe, we are searching for a new look on our home. Our thanks go to the French photographer and film maker Yann Arthus-Bertrand, who opened our eyes to this perspective of the world.

German Southwest from above

17 films, exploring one of the most diverse regions in Germany.

The U.S. East Coast

The United States’ Atlantic Coast stretches over 2,000 miles that are featured in 5 films.

The Rhine from above

The Rhine River portrayed in 5 films as a borderline inside Europe and the most powerful current on the continent.

The Alps from above

The Alps are the most prominent mountain range in Europe and also one of the most accessible.

Baltic Coasts

Close up, we experience the simple story of the North turn into a flow of strong characters and adventures.

The Coasts of Germany

Never before has the German coast itself served as the dramatic frame for a 10 part documentary series.