On the big screen, some films unfold a very own magic. After the successful launch of “Germany’s North Sea Coast” (“Die Nordsee von oben”) with over 220,000 visitors to German cinemas, Vidicom hit the theaters again with German mythical landscapes, the feature film Riverbanks and a rare insight into the world’s only monks republic.

Mount Athos – A Taste of Heaven

The peninsula Athos in Greece is one of the last living secrets of Europe.

Riverbanks (Feature Film)

The feature film Riverbanks tells a love story in a refugee drama. Two souls intertwine in their belief that love will prevail.

Baden-Wuerttemberg from above

This movie gives a unique view on the German region „Baden Wuerttemberg“ throughout all seasons.


The Rhine is at the heart of the European soul and the most important river of the continent.

The Alps – A Symphony of Summits

The journey crosses all Alpine regions: Breathtaking panoramic shots make the film a powerful cinematic experience, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan.

Baltic Sea from above

Only from above mother nature reveals her artistic work and the beauty of the German Baltic Sea between Flensburg and Usedom.

Northsea from above

VIDICOM’s first cinematic release shows stunning aerials of the Wadden Sea, small islands and the land protected from the mighty sea by dykes.