In “Milestones of Aviation” VIDICOM features pioneers of flying and recounts their triumphs and tragedies. The films benefit from VIDICOM’s extensive archive of historic aviation footage.

Overview of all episodes of “Milestones of aviation” (PDF)


Super Conny

The documentary honours the legendary Super Constellation, the first passenger airplane to cross the Atlantic non-stop after World War II.

Flying Boats

Once upon a time, boats could fly. In the infancy of aviation, flying boats visited the great cities of this world and advanced to horizons yet unknown.

Titanic of the Sky

On a fateful day in May 1937, the largest airship ever built, the “Hindenburg“, went down in a fiery blaze.

Concorde story

For almost 30 years, the Concorde travelled across the Atlantic: fast as a bullet, from Paris to New York in less than four hours.